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Freelance Whales Remix

This past weekend, I put together a remix of the song “Hannah” by Freelance Whales for a competition that the band is holding.  You can listen to and vote for my remix here (which I would greatly appreciate) or you can just check out the main page for the contest here.  There are 138 total submissions and definitely some good remixes.


Check out my new Music page, which is hosted over at BandCamp.  You can listen to my entire album there, embed the album or any song on Facebook or your blog, download the album for the very low price of pay-whatever-you-want, or order a CD from me.  [On a related note, I would really recommend BandCamp to other musicians.  It is really easy to set up, has a nice layout, and is currently free.  It was so easy to set up, that I made a page for my old band, The Walnut Street Project, and uploaded our entire discography there.]

In other news (file under ‘You Will Have To Take My Word For It’), I have been working on a bunch of new songs.  I have demos recorded for a few songs (There I Go Again, Retrace Your Steps, My Breakthrough Role, Pacific) and I am still writing a bunch more (A Song About My Life, An Absolute Mess, This Song Is For You).  Maybe I’ll post a demo or two at some point so you can hear my crappy voice.

Site Updates

I’ve made a couple of updates to the site:

* I added a new audio player in the sidebar.  Right now it has five songs from my debut album This Dance Explodes and the Bloc Party remix that I did.  I’ll probably add more songs as I record new stuff.

* I expanded the Discography section to include individual pages for every song.  On each page I have lyrics, writing credits and notes.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

The Dance Explosion is:

Alan Higby

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